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Rhythm Connect - Ed Keegan

Rhythm Connect - Ed Keegan

Category: Literary Arts


Rhythm Connect uses the power of rhythm to empower learning! Ed Keegan is the founder and director of Rhythm Connect, LLC, and is a professional drummer/percussionist with over 20 years experience, as well as a professional facilitator with over 15 years experience in the area of organizational and personal development. Rhythm Connect's educational workshops and programs integrate the New York State Learning Standards in a highly engaging, interactive format, and are backed by extensive research that demonstrates significant improvement to the learning environment. Ed has outstanding success engaging students, as well as educators, with his rhythm-based experiential learning programs.


Grades K-12
300 for Performances; Single Class size for Workshops
Length 45 minutes
Cost $715 for Single Performance; $1,145 for Two Back to Back Performamces; $360 for Single Workshop; $645 for Two Back to Back Workshops; $930 for Three Back to Back Workshops

Technical Requirements

Please allow 30 minute access prior to performance and 30 minutes to break down; provide a microphone and sound system; 13 arm less chairs; 2 long table for instruments; and a flat-bed cart for loading and unloading.



Overview of Programs

Team Rhythm
Meets Character Education needs: This interactive workshop applies experiential learning through group rhythm, and equips students to function as an effective team. Participants will gain greater awareness and appreciation of their own personal strengths and unique contributions of others. Single Class Size for Workshops (6-12)

  Performances and Family Programs  
The Rhythm of Me, You and Us
Meets Character Education needs: Combining interactive rhythm-based learning with tonally, physically, and culturally diverse drums and percussion instruments, students rhythmically experience how diversity inspires creativity. This performance will facilitate an environment where individual differences are truly valued and not just tolerated, equipping students to value the different roles, abilities, and backgrounds of others, and to understand the importance of diversity in both school and life. Teaching artist Ed Keegan invites 12 student volunteers to performs 'up front' with him and guides the audience to participate through use of 'body percussion'. (K-5)

Reading, Writing and Rhythm
Meets Character Education and Language & Literacy Arts needs: During this multi-level learning experience, based upon Ed Keegan's children's book "Drumming with Dexter, Drumming Through the Jungle", students participate in interactive reading and retelling of the story, dynamic rhythm-making and problem solving that addresses bullying, and the importance of teamwork. Teaching artist Ed Keegan invites 12 student volunteers to performs 'up front' with him and guides the audience to participate through use of 'body percussion'. (K-5)

All programs are adaptable to all grades levels as well as special needs populations and are available in a workshop format for more in-depth learning.