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Cordancia is a Rochester-based chamber orchestra. Their innovative programming juxtaposes unexplored and less familiar repertoire from all time periods with more traditional classical music, to create illuminating thought-inspiring perspectives. Cordancia’s full 40-member ensemble offers a concert season of 8-10 performances including collaborations with choral ensembles and dance organizations. Cordancia’s educational programs feature five of the orchestra’s musicians performing as a quintet consisting of Kathleen Suher (oboe), Pia Liptak (violin), Keiko Vann (viola), John Delmonico (cello) and Yi-Wen Chang (piano). The quintet has presented children’s programs at the First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival and in many area schools. The group has collaborated with artists such as actress Judy Molner, song-writer and story-teller Doug Waterman, and currently is working with Rochester storyteller, the legendary Jay Stetzer!


Grades K-5
Length 45 minutes
Cost $1285 for Single Performance

Technical Requirements

Please provide a piano, wireless microphone, 5 chairs and 5 music stands all on one level - either stage or floor.



Overview of Programs

  Performances and Family Programs  
Fairy Tales with a Twist: The Emperor's New Clothes
Music breathes New Life into a Beloved Story! Cordancia musicians and storyteller Jay Stetzer provide audiences with a re-imagined and witty version of the popular fairy tale The Emperor's New Clothes. Five classical music instruments represent the voices of the story's main characters, and student volunteers help create the presence of various machines and tools (loom, sewing machine, scissors). Together the musicians, storyteller and students demonstrate teamwork, and help highlight other key points of the story, including integrity, peer pressure and leadership. Audiences learn that if a single person takes responsibility to become his or her best, everyone else benefits as well. (Grades K-5)

Fairy Tales with a Twist: Rumpelstiltskin
Music Breathes New Life into a Beloved Story! This magical performance retells the tale of Rumpelstiltskin through updated language and rollicking music. Audiences learn about the importance of Listening to Music and learn how different instrument sounds and music enhance a story by portraying actions, emotions, moods, and important story moments. Student volunteers are invited on stage to tell the story of evil King Stompalot (who becomes good in the end!) and the ambiguous character of Rumpelstiltskin (who was helpful but asked for something in return). This program shares messages about the ways we act towards each other - what works and what doesn't. Students will be inspired to play music and tell stories - alone or together! (Grades K-5)

Cordancia is available for School Performances only on Wednesdays.